When You Love Your Dogs: Finding The Right Home For Your Needs

When you are looking for a new home and you have dogs that you love, it's important to find a home that will be pet friendly. While you can make a number of cosmetic changes to the home once you move in, knowing what you need for space will help you and your dogs live more comfortably once you buy your new place. Take into consideration the size of your yard and whether there is already a fence in place that will contain your pets. Look over the floors to see if they are scratch resistant, and think about replacing any carpets with more pet-friendly options.

Space to Run Around

If you are moving from an apartment to your first home, then you know how important space to run around is for your dogs. While you don't need a huge space, a yard for your dogs to enjoy the outdoors is important. When you love your dogs, a backyard where they can play should be on the top of your list. When you are on a budget, you'll have to think about whether the yard is already contained with a fence or if you will be able to afford to fence in the area to contain your dogs.

Pet Friendly Floors

When you're a dog owner, you know how quickly carpets can get ruined by your pets. Carpets can be removed, but you'll have to consider that any carpets you find in your potential home may not have a finished floor beneath. Talk to the realtor showing you the home to see if they know what is below any carpets that you want to remove. Pet-friendly floor options that are affordable include bamboo flooring, vinyl tiles made to look like wood or stone, and painted concrete. 

Easy Access to the Outdoors

If you find a home with a suitable yard, access to this yard should be relatively easy. When you are able to install a pet door for your dogs, they will be able to go outside whenever they need to. When your dogs are older, you should consider whether access to the yard includes using stairs. While it may not seem like a big deal for now, a home that is perfect for your aging dogs would include easy access to the yard.

When you are looking for the perfect home for you and your dogs, it's time to sit down with a realtor to discuss your options. For more information on homes for sale, check out websites like http://www.riverandsea.net.