Ways To Use QR Codes For Effective Real Estate Marketing

If you're a realtor, one of the most important aspects of real estate is getting new clients, moving property and making the sale. At the forefront of your business should be concise and effective marketing that brings a potential buyer straight to you. One useful tool is a QR code. Also called a quick response code, this tool acts as a virtual barcode or sticker that can be scanned by your smart phone. From there, it will redirect you to a designated website or video with more information. Here are a few ways that you may wish to implement more QR codes into your real estate business.


After you have your website set up and your MLS listings are up to date and ready to go, it's time to sign up for a free QR code. Your smartphone should offer an easy-to-use application that will guide you through developing the barcode-like reader. From there you can add a code to a specific property sign that will a potential buyer can then scan. Placed on a sign in front of a listed property, the QR code will make it easy for potential buyers to instantly scan the sign and be directed to your website. From there, they can gather more information about:

  • Property listing price
  • Interior photos
  • Specific property features
  • Special finance options
  • Agency contact information

This makes it simple for you to highlight the property and for buyers to easily contact you for more information.


If a property you have listed is vacant or frequently unoccupied, it may have a lockbox on the door. This is a safe way that you can protect the property but still show it to potential buyers when the homeowners are away. Many people drive by a home and if they see it's listed, they'll pull into the driveway and maybe get out and look around. Having a QR sticker placed on the lockbox gives inquiring parties a chance to scan the code to look at dimensions of the property and more important stats before asking for a showing.

Real Estate Flyers

If you have flyers listed in a box in front of a property or on bulletin boards across town, having a QR sticker allows you be more creative with your advertising. You can highlight your business and some of your credentials on the flyer and allow the sticker to direct clients to more detailed info about individual property listings.

Email Listings

Setting up a QR code that is embedded in your emails can also help boost your business. If you have a broad range of clients, their budgets and real estate needs are likely different from each other. One way to peak their interest is to create a mass email program that strictly promotes your business and what you can do for new buyers or sellers. From there, having a QR code setup next to specific listings will diversify your email newsletter and direct each client to properties within their own specific budget.

QR code real estate marketing offers the versatility to reach many new clients while directing them to the right information they need to acquire a property that suits their needs.