General Turnoffs You Try Should Look Past At Open Houses

If you are on the market to buy a home, you might be hoping to stumble upon a house that is move-in ready. The thing is, there might be quite a few hidden gems in your area that others have passed over for superficial reasons. Here are four common home problems that might be a turnoff initially, but you should try to look past.

1. Lack of Curb Appeal

If you arrive at an open house only to find an unkempt yard or overgrown shrubbery, don't run the other way. This doesn't mean the inside of the home won't have hidden potential. Landscaping problems can be fixed with an entire overhaul down the line. A quick clear-cut, laying down mulch, and bringing in a few potted plants can make a huge difference right away.

2. Distinct Odors

If a home has a distinct smell from pets, tobacco, or cooking over the years, this might be a major turn off for many buyers. If sellers are still living in the home, chances are most smells will go away once the house is cleared out. If you have a little time and a small budget to do some work before move in, a fresh coat of paint and carpet replacement should work to get rid of most smells. Be sure to have your home inspector give you advice on odors and whether they think this can be easily fixable.

3. Distracting Clutter and Decor

If a home isn't staged for an open house, you might feel as if you are stepping into the seller's personal space. While it can be hard to see past walls of family photos and shelves covered with knick-knacks, it is important to remember that a home will look completely different with your own style. Don't get distracted by personal items in a home for sale.

4. Dated Style and Appliances

While some older styles have come back around to be cool again, others just look dated. Don't turn your nose up at a home that might just need a little TLC. Dated fixtures on cabinets and drawers can be updated and a fresh coat of paint on walls, over wallpaper, or over older cabinets can update a home's look quickly. Dated appliances might need to be replaced, but is worth it if the asking price of a home is under your budget to begin with.

While there are bigger issues such as structural damage or poor layouts that can be expensive to fix, superficial issues should be taken less seriously. If you are unsure if something in a home for sale is a small fix or a major issue, be sure to run this by your real estate agent or inspector to gain perspective. Sometimes a home that is just a little funky can be easily revamped before you move in for little cost on your part.