3 Vacation Spots Where You Can Swim In A Waterfall

If you are looking for a really exciting vacation, then plan a trip to a destination with a waterfall that you can swim in. There are lots of swimming holes around the country that have waterfalls that you can either swim under or even slide down. Below is list of 3 awesome spots that you should check out.

Sliding Rock North Carolina

If you are the type that likes water slides, then you will love Sliding Rock. This swimming hole features a huge, gently sloping waterfall that cascades down a rock-face that is smooth enough for people to slide down it. The waterfall and swimming hole are located in Pisgah National Forest. The park has lifeguards on duty during the summer. There is a small fee to enter the area, $2. The bottom of the waterfall ends in a pool that is about 8 feet deep.

There is a staircase with handrail that people use to walk back up to the top of the waterfall. There is a parking lot in the forest close to the waterfall, so you won't have to hike in too far.

The waterfall is a little less than 40 miles from Ashville. Ashville would be a great place to stay because it's a vibrant town with tons of cool restaurants and a really cool live music scene. You could visit some of the other waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest during your visit, including Looking Glass falls. You can't swim in Looking Glass, but you can hike around the base.

Falling Waters, Arkansas

This amazing waterfall is located in Ozark National Park. Unlike Sliding Rock, Falling Waters is more of a traditional waterfall. It pours down in a steep cascade into a deep blue pool of water. It's become a very popular swimming hole due to the low height and the calm water. The falls drop about ten feet, which makes them safe to swim around. Some people even climb up to the top and jump down into the pool below.

If you're the type that likes camping out, then you should think about staying at the Richland Creek Campground. This campground is located inside the park and gives you a great base from which to go hiking and explore the parks other waterfalls.

Cummins Falls State Park, Tennessee

This enormous waterfall is a favorite for tourists who want to swim next to a huge, yet calm waterfall. It is 75 feet tall, but has a unique structure that makes the pool at the base calm to swim in. At the base of the waterfall are a series of stone "steps" that slow the water before it empties into the pool. The water is still a bit turbulent right near the bottom of the falls, so the parks department recommends that swimmers use life jackets if they plan on swimming close to the base.

The park only allows people to visit for the day, but there are nearby parks that allow overnight access. Many campers stay at the nearby Standing Stone Park. Contact a business that offers vacation rentals for more information.