Top Advantages of Buying a Condo

Are you tired of living in an apartment? Do you wish that you could have more say in things like whether you can hang a certain decoration on the wall, but you're not quite sure whether you're ready for an actual house yet?

Condos can be a great compromise between living in an apartment and buying a large house. Many people find owning a condo to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Here are some advantages of owning a condo:

Redecorate when you like: Tired of the carpet or want a new wall color? You don't have to ask a landlord whether or not you're allowed to repaint or redecorate when living in condos. As long as you're not damaging the structure itself, such as taking down a load-bearing wall, you can often do just about anything you want to the inside of the house.

The outside may still need approval or be taken care of by a management company, but you're still free to do what you like on the inside. If this means replacing carpet with tile or vice versa, then you can do that. 

No large lawns: One of the chores that people often hate about living in a house is mowing lawns. While some condos may have a small flowerbed or garden area, they usually don't have a large lawn area for you to tend to. You can grow a variety of small plants and shrubs in your yard allotment, if you have one, but any open grassy areas will be taken care of by landscapers hired by the condo board. This will free you to do more of what you want instead of having to spend. your weekends mowing your lawn.

Lower housing costs: When you own a single-family home, you have to make sure that you set aside money for things like repairing the roof, fixing any basement, and so on. While you do often still have to pay for any plumbing leaks or other issues within your own condo, the condo association is often responsible for repairs to the roof itself or any major structural damage outside.

In addition, your neighbors will help act as insulation for your condo so that your heating and cooling costs will be lower than if you were in a single-family dwelling. As a result, you'll have more money free to buy the things that you like instead of having to spend it all on repairs and upkeep.