Where to Buy Land Outside of NYC If You Want to Hunt or Fish

If you live in New York City and are looking for property outside of the city where you can build a cabin for hunting or fishing, then you need to look farther north than Westchester. While many city dwellers never venture past Scardsale or cross the Tappen Zee Bridge, you are going to have to make the trip north to find the best land for hunting and fishing. Westchester is too dense an area to find land that is appropriate for hunting.  If you want a cabin retreat that is for extended hunting and fishing trips where you will be out in the woods, then you're going to need to look for real estate outside of Westchester County. Here are two spots to look at.

Forestburgh, Sullivan County

Forestburgh is located in Sullivan County. It is one of the best locations for hunters and fisherman. It is right next to the Delaware river and many of the smaller brooks and streams that feed the river. This makes it a prime spot for fishermen who love fly fishing. Depending on where you buy property, you can build a cabin with a stream right in your backyard. These small streams all feed into the huge Delaware river. The river has many spots that are calm enough for you to walk out and fish for bass.

The other great thing about Forestburgh is that it is close to both Sterling State Park and Lake Superior State Park. These are two of the New York State Parks that allow for hunting. This is great if you don't feel like buying a huge parcel of land for hunting, but you prefer a small parcel for your cabin and intend to use it as a base and then head to one of the state parks. It's a great spot for people who want a property that is within driving distance (Sullivan County is only 70 miles from NYC).

Adirondack Park Region

If you don't mind a big trip to get to your hunting and fishing cabin, and you really want a huge expanse of wilderness, then the Adirondack Park region is perfect. The park has countless lakes and streams to fish, plus millions of acres of land (over half of which is privately owned). The area is very remote, so if you want that classic hunting cabin in the woods far removed from civilization, then this is your best choice.