How To Find An Antebellum-Style House

If you ever visit certain cities in the deep south, then you should have noticed the style of the houses. Antebellum architecture is one of the common styles for homes in the south during the 19th-century. This plantation style was designed to handle the hot and humid weather. It usually includes a porch, which gives a sense of community. This architectural design also adds a sense of history and timeless elegance.  Read on to find out how to find an antebellum-style house.

Find A Real Estate Agent

Buying a house can be a long and tedious task. It is even harder when you are looking for a certain type of house. You are going to need an experienced real estate agent. It would help if your agent has experience with finding a different type of housing.

Real estate agents have access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS). The MLS is more accurate than other public databases that have real estate for sale. It is only available to agents and agencies. This listing uses a live feed and is updated several times a day. You can start the process by scheduling an appointment with a real estate agent.

Is Location A Problem?

If you are willing to move, then you can make your search even easier. Some cities are known for having plantation style homes on the market. Macon, Georgia is a good place to look for antebellum-style houses. It is one of those hidden cities that many people do not know about.

Macon, Georgia has a population of 91,351. It is one of those cities with a historic background and they try to preserve this legacy. This city has a historic district that is located downtown. You can drive down one neighborhood that is lined with trees and antebellum-style houses. You are more likely to find a better price in Macon than in a larger city.

Develop A Building Plan

Building an antebellum-style house should be your last resort, but is an option. You would need to find a builder to develop a house design that fit your needs. This is the more expensive option.

Buying a house is part of the American Dream. At the end of the day, you want to be happy with your purchase. It is also important to not settle and choose the house you want to stay in. A good realtor can help you with finding your dream home.