How To Write A Purchase Offer So The Seller Will Accept

When you find the right house that fits your family's needs, you might be excited to write an offer to buy it, but you will need to make sure you write a good offer so that the seller will accept it. If you write an offer that is not good in the seller's eyes, he or she could reject it or counter it. Counteroffers are a normal part of the process, so it's always best to write an offer the seller will accept the first time around. Here are several tips to help you write the best offer possible:

Stick with an amount close to the asking price

The amount you offer for the house plays a huge role in the seller's response to your offer. If you really want the seller to accept the offer so you can get started closing on the deal, try to stick with an amount that is close to the asking price.

For example, if a seller is asking $189,000 for the house, do not offer an amount below $186,000. Offering $3,000 less than the asking price is a pretty good offer, and the seller is likely to view this positively.

Don't get picky

A second thing to realize is that the amount you offer is not the only factor involved with the seller's decision. The other factor the seller will look at is the contingencies of the offer. A contingency is almost like a request the buyer asks of the seller. Some contingencies are very normal and reasonable, but others are not.

An example of a reasonable contingency would be stating that you will buy the house as long as the appraisal comes back with an amount that is at least as high as your offer amount. This is both normal and reasonable to include in a purchase offer.

Getting picky with contingencies is asking for a lot of little things that are not really that important. For example, if one closet door does not open smoothly and you ask the seller to fix this, the seller might think this is very nitpicky. If you can avoid small, trivial things, the seller is more likely to accept the offer you write.

If you have not found the right house to buy yet, you should start looking now. It takes some time to find the perfect home, and a real estate agent can help you find the perfect real estate for sale in your area.