Helping Your Elderly Parents Buy A Home? 3 Tips To Make A Difference

Assisting your parents when they buy a home can be a great way to ensure they get a fantastic deal and are matched with a home that will be a good fit, as they get older. When your parents are seniors, they're likely going to have very different needs, compared to a young adult who's buying their first home. If you've made the decision to help your parents when selecting a home to purchase, consider the following tips that can make all the difference in finding them the perfect home.

Look for an Active Community with Amenities

When checking out different neighborhoods that homes are located in, it's a good idea to stick with places that offer accommodations that your parents will use. In many cases, your parents will enjoy living in a neighborhood that has community events going on throughout the year. This can include things such as community garage sales or block parties during the warmer months of the year.

Checking out what kinds of amenities and community activities happen in different neighborhoods can help you get a better idea of the home that's going to be a good fit for them.

Stick to Homes with Minimal Landscaping

As you begin considering the different types of homes for sale, it's a good idea to look for homes that are low-maintenance, since it can be unreasonable to expect your parents to take care of mowing the lawn and trimming the trees. Keeping this in mind can make a big difference in finding homes that have minimal landscaping, but still look great. Some options to look into are a gravel lawn or artificial turf, since no watering or other maintenance will be needed.

Choose Senior-Friendly Features Inside the Home

Along with considering what's outside the home and the neighborhood the house is in, it's a good idea to also consider what kind of features are beneficial for seniors. A good example is to choose only single-story homes, since they will be easier on their joints, as your parents get older. The bathroom should also have safety features, such as handles in the shower and a bathtub. These features can make a big difference when you want to find a home that is going to be a safe choice for your parents.

Helping your parents find the perfect home to move to requires some effort, since you want to lead them in the right direction. Keeping the above tips in mind and finding a realtor that's experienced with house hunting for seniors can make a big difference in the kinds of homes that you end up narrowing your search to.

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